Hi! With a combination of academic background and 19 years of experience in the translation industry, I offer high-quality, fast and accurate language services at very competitive rates. Please visit my PORTFOLIO to see the previous projects I worked on, or go to CONTACT page to get a quote.

What services do I offer?


I offer English-Turkish and Turkish-English translation in the following fields:

  • IT: Hardware, software, networking, product reviews and tests, cryptocurrencies, etc.
  • Science: Astronomy, Physics, Life Sciences (biology, genetics, zoology, botany, neurology), Environmental Science, Chemistry.
  • Technology: Engineering, Automotive, Aerospace, product manuals, spec sheets, reports, DIY guides.
  • Academic: Research papers, abstracts, theses, dissertations, presentations etc.
  • Art: Painting, sculpture, architecture.
  • Marketing, PR and HR texts.
  • Literary texts: Fiction (Children’s literature, Young Adult, Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Thrillers, Horror, etc.) or non-fiction.


I scored 94/100 on Netflix HERMES subtitling test in English-Turkish language pair in May 2017. I passed the QC test in December 2017 and became a Localisation QC Tester. Here are the services I offer:

  • Audio / video transcription.
  • Time-coding, Time-stamping
  • Subtitle translation


I am a TAUS and SDL certified post-editor. No matter which MT technology you choose (rule-based, statistical, neural or hybrid) I can bring your machine-translated texts to publishable quality. I offer the following PE services:

  • Light post-editing.
  • Full post-editing.


I organise your texts to increase fluency and readability. I also fix your grammar, punctuation, and formatting mistakes.


Localisation requires products to be adapted according to the norms of the target audience. I can localise your websites and software products (such as mobile applications, games, etc.) so that the final text will be received as a part of the native culture.